[Pharo-project] VM , modules, packages and plugins

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Thu Jun 28 03:26:14 EDT 2012

Le 28/06/2012 00:48, Igor Stasenko a écrit :
> Seeing another thread about "is XYZ plugin there or not" or "what may
> cause prim fail"
> i REALLY suggest that we should stop and think..
> This plugin's usage logic is inherently flawed.. (or i would say outdated)
> What i would like to see one day is when i installing new code into
> image, it pops up a message:
> "Your VM missing an XYZ plugin for running this cool code, would you
> like to download and install it? Yes No "
> In case of Pharo, we should really start thinking about delivering
> quality grade solutions, not something
> which might work if you properly jump 2 times and whistle 7 times
> while faced North"...
> Look at what the practices which become common today in modern
> browsers, and OSes - they updating themselves without a notice
> and just asking you to restart it time to time. Why we cannot do the same?

What about using something existing, user-level (for Unix/linux and OSX 
guys) such as 0install ? I'm using it for part of my desktop and it does 
the update/search dependencies/compile if needed. I don't think making 
Pharo plugins and VM available in the 0install system would be hard.


(and it would work in allmost as many platform as Pharo does).

It would only require some space to host the feeds and the files.

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