[Pharo-project] Problem with Monticelo package and corrupted sourcecode/zip

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Sun Jun 24 17:58:26 EDT 2012

I downloaded it, renamed the .mcz as a .zip and used the unarchiver on it.
No issue.

3271 lines in source.st

OSX Lion over here.

Was able to get it back from my 1.4 on CogVM and browse the downloaded

Seems to be a OS X related issue. Rebooting a Mac may be rare, but may
help... Network problems? Sometimes my NAS needs a kick in the butt..


2012/6/24 Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com>

> Hi guys. I have a problem and I don't understand. If you download
> FuelTests-MarianoMartinezPeck.269 from http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/Fueland try to unzip it, in my MacOSX I have an error saying the fie is
> corrupted. If I proceed anyway, and I open the .st it is CUT in the middle
> (it does not finish properly). I thought it was a problem with Traits
> (because FuelTest has traits), but I tried other packages even with traits
> and they are fine. Then I thought that that version of the package could be
> corrupted, but I went several versions ago in history and same problem.
> Then  thoguht it was  Monticello problem. I went to Pharo 2.0 20020 and
> again, same problem.
> So I am lost. I remember something about the zip compression problem in
> Monticello.... could this be related?
> thanks
> --
> Mariano
> http://marianopeck.wordpress.com

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