[Pharo-project] SmalltalkHub

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Jun 20 07:04:46 EDT 2012

Nico wrote:
>BTW: I'm very open to any form of comment/idea/contribution to SmalltalkHub.

Hi Nico,

SmalltalkHub is nicely done and I like the idea of combining
Amber on the client side with Smalltalk on the server side.

I think one of the main problem before contributing to a project
is accessibility and visibility of the project: 

I know that your project is not only running on smalltalkhub.com 
but also the code for the implementation lives there. Its good that you
eat your own dog food - but maybe a hurdle to contribute.

So I dont know:
 - if others know that the code is there (a list of projects
   hosted on SmalltalkHub is as you know still missing)
 - on which Pharo version it is running
 - how to easily load it into a recent Pharo image
 - what other things one needs to run it locally (Mongo?)
   and fix or modify it

Also the page found by Google:
tells me nothing where to get the code, how to start. It only
says "work in progress".

After more googling I can find a link www.smalltalkhub.com/user/NicolasPetton/SmalltalkHub
which is NOT working!

After more and more googling I found out from a twitter
link that the code is there:


I know it is a chicken and egg problem since all these
infos will be on SmalltalkHub when implemented. But these
days it is very hard to find and get startet.

My proposal:
Since Metacello is standard these days I would really welcome a
"ConfigurationOfSmalltalkHub" in MetacelloRepository which 

 - allow the code to load
 - allow to see which Pharo version is used
 - allow to run it locally to do modifications
 - allow to follow stable releases and development progress
   just by looking into the configuration

and in then end allow to contribute to the project. 


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