[Pharo-project] ScriptManager config in 1.4

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Jun 20 06:04:36 EDT 2012

Sven wrote
> Let's use that then: it is important that during 2.0 development, you can
> easily load (validated) metacello configs; many of us are using 2.0 daily,
> as in eating our own dogfood, if metacello configs + browser are the way
> forward, we should start using that now.
> Sven

Ok, then use SS3 meanwhile and maybe switch to smalltalkhub later.


 1. I created http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/MetaRepoForPharo20
 2. made Scriptmanager working in Pharo 2.0 by switching
    from ReferenceStream to FLSerializer and FLMaterializer 
    and using SmalltalkEditor instead of ParagraphEditor
    in "ScriptManager-Core-tbn.17.mcz"
    Code is cleaner and transition was very easy. Fuel rocks!
    Since ReferenceStream is not anymore in Pharo 2.0 
    and old script manager exports can not be used I changed
    the file extension from *.obj to *.fuel

 3. changed the ConfiguratonOfScriptManager to have a new
    version 1.5. using the new mcz-version

 4. added a line stable spec in the config 
     spec for: #'pharo2.0.x' version: '1.5'

 5. made a copy of the new ConfiguratonOfScriptManager available
    in "MetaRepoForPharo20" also

 6. opened issue http://code.google.com/p/pharo/issues/detail?id=6093
    to point Pharo 2.0 to the new config repo

In the issue and attached you will find a small changeset that 
switches the config browser from smalltalk hub to the new SS3 repo

So ScriptManager (using Fuel) is now the first package loadable from the
config browser in Pharo 2.0.  
(maybe we should switch topic to "ScriptManager config in 2.0" now ;)

Feel free to upload other configs known to work for 2.0 to

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