[Pharo-project] start thinking on summer release of Pharo 1.4

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 05:59:04 EDT 2012

I prefer codenames and not number because numbering is boring. Just that. 1.4.1 is a stupid number that makes people believe that there will be a 1.4.2, etc... (because our mind is designed that way, inevitably). And if I want to realease an emergency fix, as this version is 1.4.1 next version will be etc. 
So, no, I prefer codenames over numbering. Also, I'm from southamerica, I know perfectly well than summer here is winter there. I also know something more: nobody cares there :) but if there are complains, I'm willing to change the code name for... I dunno, places where there are Faros.

1.4 Alexandria
1.4 Finistère
1.4 Usuhaia :) 

as I said... I just don't care which code name, but I don't want numbers. 

(btw... I'm kinda happy that this is the biggest divergence in my proposal :P)

On Jun 17, 2012, at 5:10 AM, Ben Coman wrote:

> Sean P. DeNigris wrote:
>> EstebanLM wrote
>>> I started thinking on next release of Pharo 1.4 (which will be code named
>>> "summer", not an ugly number). 
>>> Re browsers... I would definitely include either OB or Nautilus. The default
>>> is just too limiting. Nautilus does seem to be in a pretty usable state now,
>>> and it'd be helpful for new users not to have to learn two browsers in two
>>> releases...
> -1 on code name "summer" since it is winter here in Australia.  Also, were you considering the full name being:
> a) only "Summer"
> b) "Pharo Summer"
> c) "Pharo 1.4 Summer"
> For (a) and (b) - what happens next summer for a maintenance release of 2.0 ?   Another code name could work.
> For (c), since an ugly number '1.4' is already included, I'd just stay with that as '1.4.1'
(c) was my idea, but if place-codenames are taken, we can use a different names each times. 

> Also for consideration with using a code name rather than a version number, the two I know off...
> Ubuntu - increments each release with a letter of the alphabet, so it is still easy to see the progression.
> Eclipse - used the code name for the simultaneous release of multiple projects all having separate version numbers.  The underlying platform still uses point numbers.
> Esteban,
> Is Nautilus under any consideration to be the default browser for your summer release at all, or are you firmly committed to OB?
> I need to know this to continue updating Pharo By Example for 1.4.

no, because you can load Nautilus on top of OB, but not the opposite. 

> cheers -ben

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