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> Date: June 17, 2012 5:30:29 AM GMT+02:00
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> Hi again,
> By the way, I have noticed that there are lots of similarities between the Magritte project and the Enso project that I'm working on with Tijs van der Storm. One big difference is that we avoid embedded DSLs, but many of the high-level goals seem similar. Are you still working on it?
> Here are two papers that we have produced recently:
> Object Grammars: Compositional & Bidirectional Mapping Between Text and Graphs (Ensō Papers 2 of 6)
> Tijs van der Storm, William R. Cook, Alex Loh
> (submitted for publication)
> Managed Data: Modular Strategies for Data Abstraction (Ensō Papers 1 of 6)
> Alex Loh, Tijs van der Storm, and William R. Cook
> To appear, Onward! 2012 .
> William

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