[Pharo-project] start thinking on summer release of Pharo 1.4

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Sat Jun 16 23:10:42 EDT 2012

Sean P. DeNigris wrote:
> EstebanLM wrote
>> I started thinking on next release of Pharo 1.4 (which will be code named
>> "summer", not an ugly number). 
>> Re browsers... I would definitely include either OB or Nautilus. The default
>> is just too limiting. Nautilus does seem to be in a pretty usable state now,
>> and it'd be helpful for new users not to have to learn two browsers in two
>> releases...
-1 on code name "summer" since it is winter here in Australia.  Also, 
were you considering the full name being:
  a) only "Summer"
  b) "Pharo Summer"
  c) "Pharo 1.4 Summer"

For (a) and (b) - what happens next summer for a maintenance release of 
2.0 ?   Another code name could work.
For (c), since an ugly number '1.4' is already included, I'd just stay 
with that as '1.4.1'

Also for consideration with using a code name rather than a version 
number, the two I know off...
  Ubuntu - increments each release with a letter of the alphabet, so it 
is still easy to see the progression.
  Eclipse - used the code name for the simultaneous release of multiple 
projects all having separate version numbers.  The underlying platform 
still uses point numbers.


Is Nautilus under any consideration to be the default browser for your 
summer release at all, or are you firmly committed to OB?
I need to know this to continue updating Pharo By Example for 1.4.

cheers -ben

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