[Pharo-project] Look and font competition

camille teruel camille.teruel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 04:52:54 EDT 2012

2012/6/12 Igor Stasenko <siguctua at gmail.com>

> On 12 June 2012 23:28, Helene Bilbo <thereluctantprogrammer at fastmail.fm>
> wrote:
> > The subtle texture is more like overlaying the existing elements with
> white
> > noise.
> >
> > While one can make an IconicButton of course, one can not make a Window
> > Title Bar this way. There must be a way to make it directly in code? With
> > more and more high resolution displays it will get interesting some day.
> > Look at the OS X Lion - Pharo comparison screenshot:
> >
> > http://forum.world.st/file/n4634551/SubtleTexture.jpg
> >
> oh .. it is indeed subtle.. i didn't get what you mean first time.
> yes, of course, that's possible.. just not sure if it worth to waste
> CPU cycles on this, as you said, subtle stuff.

EFLs use bitmaps to render everything, it runs fast, you don't need
antialiasing, and you can customize the appearance however you like.
Couldn't it be an inspiration?
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