[Pharo-project] zip bug [IMPORTANT] probably related to the recent Zip changes

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Sun Jun 10 23:26:06 EDT 2012

Okay, here is an issue:
Issue 6054:	Error when reading zip files with Squeak date/time format

with a fix attached and a comment pointing back here:

> Attached are two cs files that have a temporary fix enabling us to load
> mcz and other zip files, even if they have the old, incorrect date format.
> They should be refactored and there is a larger question to discuss [1],
> but they work under manual testing.
> The new behavior when reading zip file timestamps is:
> * parse as a DOS timestamp
> * if an error is encountered, fall back and treat it like a Squeak (i.e.
> incorrect) DOS timestamp. This may return an incorrect result, but will
> not cause an error
> The changes were tested by hand on Balloon-CamilloBruni.85.mcz, which
> Steph was having a problem with because there was 13 as a month index,
> which blew up [1]
The larger issue I was thinking about is: should we extend this fallback to
all DOS timestamp parsing, but now that I think about it:
* I imagine there's not much of that going on besides zipping, lol
* I think it'd be better to signal an InvalidDosTimestamp, describing the
change, and pointing users to how to convert their data, instead of silently
trying to convert

What do you think?


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