[Pharo-project] [Pharo-users] loading order for seaside / DBXTalk + Magritte / Pharo 1.4 / configuration

Cam S camsanders at aol.com
Sat Jun 9 18:18:06 EDT 2012

> I keep having problems with configurations. The documentation for each 
>>>> particular tool looks so simple, and seems to work all by itself, but for 
>>>> some reason, I keep failing at having one 1.4 (or 1.3) image where 
>>>> everything works (e.g. Glorp AND seaside AND DBXTalk); though I do have 3 
>>>> different images where 2-out of three work, so by revolving my dev process 
>>>> through the images,
> what is *exactly* what does not work?  otherwise we cannot guess.
Like Object instance>>#description, which prevents asComponent from 
working, in the currently configured 1.4 image I am working with. If I 
change the behavior there, I run into other problems. Other problems in 
other images with different load orders.

I was not expecting anyone to guess. I was just wondering whether anyone 
has actually made them all work together or not. If not, then I do not have 
time to be the one to battle through it. Same old story: I simply do not 
have time.

I will go through the load process again, keeping it minimal, and provide 
the scripts (workspace contents) back on this list.

I have a few fixes for DBXTalk: the Magritte descriptions generation (I 
>>>> switched Array output code-generation to the {...} format instead of #( 
>>>> ...) which was not allowing #conditions: to be properly formatted, which 
>>>> may be a problem for other smalltalk environments), and other trivial fixes.
>> Excellent!!! :)  Thanks. Can you send us the changes or directly commit? 
Sure, I would rather not commit them without someone else reviewing them. 
Does the {} array notation work in any flavors of smalltalk other than 

Thanks, I will get back to you... after I go through this process again.

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