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Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 17:05:20 EDT 2012

On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Cameron Sanders <camsanders at aol.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 3:39 PM, Cameron Sanders <
> csanders at debrispublishing.com> wrote:
>> I keep having problems with configurations. The documentation for each
>> particular tool looks so simple, and seems to work all by itself, but for
>> some reason, I keep failing at having one 1.4 (or 1.3) image where
>> everything works (e.g. Glorp AND seaside AND DBXTalk); though I do have 3
>> different images where 2-out of three work, so by revolving my dev process
>> through the images,
what is *exactly* what does not work?  otherwise we cannot guess.

> I can make headway... but there must be a better way. Especially given
>> that those images contain different versions of the tools and core image.
I don't use Seaside. Why don't you provide the whole gofer script you use
to install those 3 tools so that someone can reproduce it?

> Is there someone who has all three tools (Glorp, DBXTalk & Magritte, and
>> Seaside) coexisting and playing well together in a 1.4 (or 1.3) image?
>> Could you please drop me an email?
I attach the Pharo development mailing list.

> I also want to use Fuel for some things.
>> How much money would I need to donate to Pharo per year, so that the
>> recipients would make available an image meeting my (see above) specs with
>> the recommended patterns working? With updates available every 3 months,
>> for example.
> [if i pay for something, deducting the money from my taxable income is no
> problem.]
>> I am sure there are a few common configurations that people would like.
>> Part of the problem of course is the explosion of tools! Nice work
>> everybody!!
>> -
>> Who would be the DBXTalk expert?
Me, Guillermo Polito, Esteban Lorenzano and many others.

> For some reason I am unable to post on the nabble forum -- oddly, a
>> private thread of emails I shared with Pamela ended up there, but I cannot
>> seem to post directly. I keep trying to join, but nabble never lets me in.
>> [I must be making another stupid mistake...]
We didn't receive any email from you. Yuo should register in this google
group: http://groups.google.com/group/dbxtalk/?pli=1

> I have a few fixes for DBXTalk: the Magritte descriptions generation (I
>> switched Array output code-generation to the {...} format instead of #(
>> ...) which was not allowing #conditions: to be properly formatted, which
>> may be a problem for other smalltalk environments), and other trivial fixes.
Excellent!!! :)  Thanks. Can you send us the changes or directly commit?

> -
>> Any help or guidance you can provide is most welcome!
>> -Cam Sanders
>> 603-412-2134
>> PS: any pharo smalltalkers right here in New Hampshire, USA?

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