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Santiago Bragagnolo santiagobragagnolo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 00:17:56 EDT 2012

  Hi All!

  Im adding an announcer in my project, 'cause, in order to build a call
graph, ill need to know about inferencer-stack movements.  I was thinking,
the meaning of it is to create an announcement object with it configuration
for any push or pop of a stack that's similar to the runtime stack, these
are a lots lots lots of objects proably with lesser optimization than
BlockClosure. I was thinking in add extension methods that allow me
something like

self announce: [ StackPush new ] ifAnyIsInteresetedIn: StackPush.

Well, i have two questions:

a) Am i right?
b) subscriptions variable at SubscriptionRegistry is an OrderedCollection,
but is commonly accessed to get the subscriptors related with some concrete
type, why not a Dictionary? is not faster than an OrderCollection in the
tipical case of use? Ok, it could complicate calls like 'remove:
subscriptor' but, commonly if you have the subscriptor, you have the
Announcement type. Maybe the common ammount of subscriptors in a announcer
is too little?

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