[Pharo-project] NB FileSystem Primitives Speedup

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Jun 2 11:26:10 EDT 2012

> That is easy to explain ... I was lazy and did not bother to maintain it ;)

I do not buy such easy excuse. This is not your fault. It means that nobody cares.

> As for process, it is simple. Just build the plugin (though it probably
> will need maintenance for bit rot), and add it to your VM builds. On
> the image side, add the support to use the plugin if present, else fall
> back on old methods.

So like that bugs will just be more difficult to track?
I like the idea everybody doing its own little hack in his corner. Sounds like software engineering
but not with the right definition to me. 

> I like small plugins because they are modular and reliable. They can
> be added and removed without a lot of coordination with VM builders,
> platform maintainers, etc. On the image side, you can easily detect
> if the plugin is present, so it is not necessary to worry so much
> about what version of VM or FilePlugin is running.

This was the same shitty story as having a slow socketStream in the image and that everybody had to load 
the FastSocketStream. Hopefully an idiot like me or marcus renamed FastSocketStream into SocketStream and did not say it 
and suddenly we got a decent socket stream. Else we would all have again a bad one. 

> So the answer is ... Just Do It :)
Don't you think that this is what we are trying to do since ages: improving the infrastructure
but not by piling junk on junk.

David we are talking about File operations not funky experimental stuff.
To me it just shows that there is no concerted momentum around VMs. Now people will 
shoot at me but I do not care just immensely sad. When I imagine that I'm spending my time 
trying to make sure that companies can built software around Smalltalk. Sometimes I think that 
I'm in the wrong community. Probably Pythoners and ruby people are more concerned. 

> <OT>
> IMHO more people need to learn how to write small plugins. It is important
> for modularity and reliability, and for trying new VM experiments without
> waiting for a "VM guru" to help. Maybe you can also provide a way for
> people to add their experimental plugins to the Jenkins builds too, so
> that they can be made quickly available to anyone with an interest.
> </OT>

You mean with an svn structure where guys like igor do not have commit rights?
Probably but this is difficult and not really welcoming.


> Dave

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