[Pharo-project] light-table: live programming for python

Esteban A. Maringolo emaringolo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 17:17:29 EDT 2012

Igor Stasenko wrote
> On 1 June 2012 20:12, Esteban A. Maringolo <emaringolo@> wrote:
>>> But truth is we should find a way to impress people like light table
>>> did.
>>The truth is, that its not impressed me.. after things i seen in

Not me either, I even ranted about it as soon as it was published
(http://goo.gl/7Eaxa). Apparently I have no community impact :P

Igor Stasenko wrote
>>> I don't know how hard would be to have debugger with a splitted window
>>> or
>>> viewing mode showing the code with the actual values of the variables.
>>we should have better text/parser model..
>>then you can easily view the variable value(s), just by hovering mouse
>>over the text piece in debugger.
>>btw, Gaucho already takes steps into that direction: it using parser
>>to navigate the code
>>using the AST tree (so you not walking over separate characters, but
>>over AST nodes)
>>it is not far from that point to debugger and/or code pane, where you
>>can exploit that (code highlighting/contextual help, navigating etc

We take a similar approach in our software app, where users program formulas
in a pseudo language for which we use SmaCC and hence we have a parse tree.

Then users can see both their "code" with the variables replaced by their
values (evaluated with a particular domain context), and even view and
browse the expression tree (no one uses it, it just was simple to build).
Though it is not in real time because could involve heavy DB queries, it is
completely feasible to do with "regular" smalltalk code.


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