[Pharo-project] light-table: live programming for python

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 08:40:27 EDT 2012

On 1 June 2012 13:29, Camillo Bruni <camillobruni at gmail.com> wrote:
> impressive how much support they got:
> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibdknox/light-table
> not much missing in our system, is it?

No, definitely not. Most of it is automatically pulling up contextual
info (like if you're implementing #myFoo on some object, bring up all
the implementors in some no-clicks-needed window (possibly with some
classes preferentially highlighted - sub/superclasses and other
classes that satisfy similar protocols) and the senders of same in
another (with suitable highlighting of the actual send site). The more
clever de-abstraction stuff we can get quite easily by manipulating
ASTs. (In a Smalltalk-based system, I'd half expect us to keep ASTs
attached to method on which the programmer worked.)


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