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Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Fri Jul 27 11:36:02 EDT 2012

Sean P. DeNigris wrote
> The... Types are Bug, Enhancement, Cleanup, Feature [1]. Nautilus and
> Jenkins [2] really don't fit into this framework. Maybe because there will
> be many fewer issues, we don't need the level of granularity of [1] for
> [2]. But when we get close to a release, it'd be nice to know that there
> is 1 Nautilus bug and 10 Enhancements pending (i.e. probably only one
> critical thing) vs. 11 Type-Nautilus.
> So, now that I said all that, it seems the most powerful/flexible approach
> would be to leave the "nautilus" tag, remove the leading "Type-" from
> "Type-[Jenkins|Spec|Seed]", and then to make templates for
> Jenkins/Spec/Seed like the one for Nautilus.

I moved Types that are really sub-tools/topics to Targets (you can pick one
Target per issue):
Target-Seed          = Bootstrap oriented
Target-Jenkins       = CI related stuff

We now have the following types (you can pick one Type per issue):
Type-Bug             = Report/fix of a software defect
Type-Cleanup         = Change that does not functionally modify existing
Type-Feature         = New Feature
Type-HighLevelTask   = Work item that doesn't change the code or docs
Type-Enh             = Little Enhancement
Type-FailingTest     = There is a test for this bug that fails

I updated all existing issues/templates that seemed relevant to use the new


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