[Pharo-project] RPackage registration mess

Camillo Bruni camillobruni at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 07:17:19 EDT 2012

so once again rpackage is registered to the wrong announcer...

I figured out that update 20200 first introduced this bug by wrongly
resetting RPackage:


It registered RPackageOrganizer to MCWorkingCopy announcer but

   SystemAnnouncer announcer == MCWorkingCopy announcer

and by default RPackageOrganizer registers to SystemAnnouncer privateAnnouncer.

obviously we got a double registration of RPackageOrganizer after this.
Which can be easily fixed by doing: 

    RPackageOrganizer registerInterestToSystemAnnouncement.

The invariant that should hold is

	self assert: SystemAnnouncer announcer hasSubscriber: RPackageOrganizer default = false.
	self assert: SystemAnnouncer privateAnnouncer hasSubscriber: RPackageOrganizer default.

however I still can't figure out where the damn bug got introduced again...

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