[Pharo-project] ODBC on W7 and Pharo 1.4

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Jul 26 06:35:09 EDT 2012

>But it does not declare anything which is needed e.g for 
>understanding SQLDouble and the like.

Because FFI is a general callout mechanism for native APIs 
and the ODBC package is just implemented on top of it. 

So why should the FFI docu cover the ODBC stuff? 
FFI docu just describes how to call external libs (written in C or 

The ODBC package is nothing more than a wrapper around
some Win32 API functions like SQLAllocEnv, etc. The docu
for them can be found in MSDN (just Google).

If you want to track problems in the ODBC package 
check the code and see if it does correct callouts
and use correct data types according to Microsoft specs.

Just by looking at the code, maybe 
 - #initializeDataTypes has a wrong definition 
 - maybe the ODBCConstants definition is wrong 
 - maybe #initializeResultSet:number: has a problem

You should debug your problem since you have a reproducable case
or switch to a newer, more supported package like DBXTalk with
an active mailinglist.

>Sorry, does that mean the name I gave to the Data source must be placed 
>in host? 

Yes, that worked for me. "host" is a bit misleading - for an
SQLite connection it can be the local path, for ODBC its the DSN name
for a network database it is the hostname or IP address.

>I'm sorry but how should one know that?

Note that is a general interface to databases. You can not 
assume that the developers of OpenDBX/DBXTalk test any kind 
of database (here MS Access) and give you a docu for database
specific connections.

DBXTalk covers typical relational databases used in enterprise these 
days (oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, ...), includes tests
and its nice to have such an initiative. 

>So what am I supposed to write into database? A table name?

Did you try to leave it blank or use the same name as the DB?

If I were you I would create a simple DB with Access with a 
simple predefined table. Then setup the ODBC connection and 
try to connect to it. If that works do a simple query. 
If that communication works it should be no problem to 
create/query tables from Smalltalk. However - if you have 
DBXTalk specific questions switch to the DBXTalk mailinglist

(http://dbxtalk.smallworks.com.ar  then "Support")


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