[Pharo-project] Focus / Selection on PluggableTextMorph

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Thu Jul 26 05:39:37 EDT 2012


would someone knows why the behavior of PluggableTextMorph is a bit 
strange with selections ? I'm using Spec and Pharo 2.0.

1 - Selecting text is Ok, blue color. Matches on the selected text 
elsewhere in the text morph are green.

2 - Switching to another window desactivate the selection, but maintains 
the matches in green (including where the selection was : it changes 
from blue to green).

3 - Clicking on the title of the window with the text morph... removes 
the green matches. So now, seemingly, there is nothing selected anymore ?

4 - Wrong! Moving back the mouse over the text morph brings back the 
selection (blue) and the matches (green) !

5 - Opening a menu on the morph (right-click) also makes the selection 
disappear apparently.

For fun, you can also do 1 - 5 - 4 and see your selection appear / 

So is this a feature or a bug ? How to turn it of ?

5- is very fun, because I was trying to build a menu where items are 
enabled depending on a selection or no selection, and, you can guess 
what happened : open the menu, 'et voilà', no more selection -> 
everything disabled ! close the menu, and the selection is back :-(

Thierry Goubier
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