[Pharo-project] Brain storming request: Semantic zooming for Roassal

Alexandre Bergel alexandre.bergel at me.com
Thu Jul 19 16:33:58 EDT 2012


I've just found this video:

I am not sure I really want to program a tetris that way, but the tool they have is interesting. It intensively use zooming in and out. When you zoom in, you see different objects and when you zoom out they disappear or they change their visual representation. 

For Roassal, we are thinking about adding new graphical elements when a particular height of the camera is reached. The elements will then disappear when the camera is getting altitude. However, it looks a bit simple in my opinion. Is there any compelling scenario for a better mechanism?

Is there anything else you guys want to see in this zooming ability? 

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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