[Pharo-project] Paragraph, TextComposer, MultiCompositionScanner ... is there a backgrounder somewhere?

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Wed Jul 18 18:21:03 EDT 2012

I have been spending a while on how text gets composited (I want a
TextMorph and associated editor that works my way and has nothing to do
with SmalltalkEditor).

The point is to display/edit reasonably simple math equations.

Of course, I am running into text composition at one point. I could display
using various morphs instead but I want to do it this way since it also
helps me with another project where text is the focus (and links etc).

I have looked around quite a bit.

Is there a backgrounder on those matters or am I to use the debugger for
ages trying to grok it?

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