[Pharo-project] [ANN] Alternative view of a system browser

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Tue Jul 17 09:12:52 EDT 2012

I believe that the traditional SystemBrowser of Smalltalk of old has 
been made unusable by the amount of code (and structure) you find in 
today's Smalltalk images.

So this is to show you an alternative, a different way to browse through 
packages / classes and methods and code. This is Spec-based.


What is missing / targeted ?
* Drag and drop reorganisation of the tree as preferred / or as package 
/ category reuse.
* A good search facility in the tree. It is already keyboard navigation 
friendly (since the tree view is).
* Most / All menu methods of a complete System Browser. I'm planning on 
reusing the OmniBrowser command structure as much as possible (to make 
it faster).
* Funny ideas on how to use the tree structure : group / selection 
display, queries, metrics ...
** There is probably a lot more to be done here, but it would probably 
require Mondrian or other graph visualisation tools.

Expect the code sometime by the end of the week, in a Pharo 2.0 / Pharo 
1.4 version.

Thierry Goubier
CEA list
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