[Pharo-project] Monticello Merge detected conflict

Dario Trussardi dario.trussardi at tiscali.it
Fri Jul 13 09:10:44 EDT 2012


	i need to intercept  conflict for new package before load in a image.

	I work with Pharo 1.4.

	Now the conflict is detected only if the method in the image belongs at the same method category of the relative method in the package.

	For example in my Pharo image i have :

		ClasseA 	  *categoriaA			description
					 testCategory		test

	and in my loading  package i have:

		ClasseA		*categoriaA			description
					*categoriaA			test

	the monticello Merge detect only conflict for 		description		 method			 ( it have the same category )

	It's correct ?

	How i can intercept  the 		test  method 		 redefinition   before loading the new package ?

	I wrong something ?

	Thanks  for any consideration.


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