[Pharo-project] Squeaksource3

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Mon Jul 9 09:16:28 EDT 2012

Am 07.07.2012 um 18:18 schrieb Sean P. DeNigris:

> Tobias Pape wrote
>>> * How do I remove a package I just uploaded by mistake?
>> If you are admin of the package (which you are, if you 
>> created the project) you can navigate to the package (view the
>> version, IIRC) and click 'delete'. Due to caching, it may take a while
>> to propagate.
> Oh, I see it now. I didn't see it before because there is something going on
> with the layout on Safari. If the text is set too small, the actions sidebar
> moves to the bottom right, waaaaaaay far awash from the
> thing-being-acted-on. I'm attaching a screenshot to Nabble
> http://forum.world.st/file/n4638997/Screen_Shot_2012-07-07_at_12.00.53_PM.png 
> It's probably a Safari bug (does not happen in Firefox 12.0), but the issue
> is http://code.google.com/p/squeaksource3/issues/detail?id=94
> Tobias Pape wrote
>> If you have direct issues, use http://code.google.com/p/squeaksource3/
> Okay, I created 3, including this one, slow search, and permalinks for
> issues

Thank you indeed. Apparently, SS3 needs an interface overhaul, again :(
well, so be it.
  For the other reports, I will look into them shortly.


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