[Pharo-project] [ANN]: Vim Shortcuts for Nautilus (Proof-of-concept)

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Sun Jul 8 08:52:23 EDT 2012

Benjamin Van Ryseghem-2 wrote
> If I were you, I would have put all the VIM shortcut in one class, instead
> of putting them around but :)
I'll keep that in mind once I get it working ;-)

Benjamin Van Ryseghem-2 wrote
> Like that, you could add yours in a specific context, and remove them.
Any luck finding those detach* methods? Googling/Nabbling
"detachKeymapCategory" turned up nothing.

Also, I think of my use case here for the "enter command mode" shortcut as
"Change the default shortcuts for a Morph class". It seems that what's
required for this type of use is a registration mechanism more like the
world menu. For the world menu, I can insert an entry at any level, not just
an existing one, without overriding anything. In KM currently, in order to
do this, it seems we're forced to hitch a ride on an existing category.
Maybe a special pragma indicating that certain categories should be attached
for the class by default.

In summary, I'm still unclear on the relationship between the class-side
<keymap> defaults methods and changing shortcuts on the fly, but what seems
to be missing are:
* a way to register shortcuts/categories to be attached to a Morph class by
* a way to detach categories
* a way to detach individual shortcuts

Thanks, this is very exciting. We're *so* close to having this work...

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