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Sat Jul 7 10:58:13 EDT 2012

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Vim bindings...=C2=A0


Philippe Back
0478 650 140

"Sean P. DeNigris" <sean at clipperadams.com> a =C3=A9crit=C2=A0:

Now that we have Keymapping, why not, right?!

In Pharo 2.0:

Gofer new
    url: 'http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/VimPharo';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfVimPharo';

ConfigurationOfVimPharo project development load.

1. open a Nautilus browser
2. In the code pane, press escape to enter Vim command mode
3. Press the d key twice to delete the current line

Two current bugs
=09- Cursor changed globally when toggling command/insert mode. I don't kno=
if/how you can change the cursor for just one morph/editor
=09- Once you enter command mode, that morph will always have the command m=

Two Keymapping questions (help, guille!!):
- how do I remove an individual shortcut or shortcut category from a morph?
(so I can toggle the command/insert mode shortcuts)
- how can I restore a morph's shortcuts to the defaults?

Also, for the time being, I'm using the dumbbell cursor to indicate command
mode because it was an easy hack. I'll check SVI to see how they made a
block cursor, but if anyone has any pointers, I'm all ears.

I'll be adding shortcuts as I need them and contributions are welcome. Also=
I installed it for Nautilus arbitrarily. We'll probably be able to have the=
for all the tools...


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