[Pharo-project] renggli mirror created on smalltalkhub

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Thu Jul 5 09:59:37 EDT 2012

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| Le 04/07/2012 17:50, Dale Henrichs a écrit :
| > Yes,
| >
| > FileTree is actually modeling the Monticello definition structure
| > on disk ... git does a very good job of tracking changes at the
| > method level when methods are stored in separate files (it
| > recognizes method renames) ...
| Well, there is still the fact that :
| - One version of Filetree over the past months changed the name of
| the
| directory from PackageName to PackageName.package; kind of messed up
| the
| git history tracking...
| - And git really likes to do git add for all the new files that
| appears
| on a regular basis.

Changing package structure as opposed to changing package content does unnecessarily perturb the git history. I think that since I've started working with FileTree I've gone through 5 different disk formats:) With multiple dialects on board the rate of change will be slower (a good thing).

| It still shows that the Smalltalk/via Filetree model isn't the one
| git
| expects, but we do benefit from it. I'm also not certain git would
| follow class renames.

There aren't really any files outside of the properties file that are associated with a class in this model, so there's nothing explicit to track ... the methods in the class will be tracked nicely (as a rename).

| > multiple files makes reading source on disk a bit awkward, but
| > that's what we've got the Smalltalk image for ... how many people
| > out there unzip their .mcz files to read Smalltalk source?
| Me!
| I do open .mcz  files at times; I appreciate the fact it's as easy as
| clicking on it and then search into the produced files.
| The fact that Linux recognize them as zip archives helps, too.

Haha...well the directory structure is searchable, too .. just a more complicated incantation:)


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