[Pharo-project] Is Pharo a Smalltalk or Smalltalk inspired? (was I added a german wikipedia article on pharo)

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Thu Jul 5 07:08:11 EDT 2012

On Jul 5, 2012, at 11:56 AM, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:

>> If Pharo will try to distance from Smalltalk rather than contribute and
>> improve it, I'm sure many of us will rethink if Pharo is worth
>> supporting or not.
> But you have to read what Marcus said: Smalltalk could be and/or is defined by Smalltalk-80 and an ANSI spec. If we say that Pharo conforms to that, any of the very useful improvements being proposed will always be stopped in their tracks because the changes are not compatible with these old defacto standards. Pharo was started explicitely to avoid that.
> For most casual observers I think it will remain Smalltalk

Yes, this is what I wanted to say.


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