[Pharo-project] I added a german wikipedia article on pharo.

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Thu Jul 5 05:07:59 EDT 2012

On Jul 5, 2012, at 10:59 AM, Helene Bilbo wrote:

> Sean P. DeNigris wrote
> Pharo, as a Smalltalk is "a powerful information system... that can grow as
> the user's ideas grow.". It is composed of a Programming Language - "an
> interface between the models in the human mind and those in computing
> hardware" - and a User Interface, which "matches the human communication
> system to that of the computer" (quotes from the Blue Book). As a live,
> open, dynamic environment, it is much more than just "a programming
> language", which is why straight syntax comparisons to other languages miss
> the point.
> Yes you are right, of course. This should be taken into account in a
> wikipedia entry.
> What my question was about, was rather: Is is still Smalltalk?

Right now I think it is. There is not much different. There are Traits, but else...

> And i ask,
> because the first line on the Pharo homepage says it’s:
> "Smalltalk-inspired“.

The idea is that if Pharo is Smalltak, it will always be Smalltalk. We can not move
on. If it is Smalltalk Inspired, we can take the *ideas* behind Smalltalk and seriously
move forward.

E.g. take the Slots. Smalltalk has no first class Slots, Pharo will. If Pharo would *be* Smalltalk
it could not.


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