[Pharo-project] renggli mirror created on smalltalkhub

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Jul 4 09:02:06 EDT 2012

>can you think of any feature we could have now we couldn't with Git?

With Squeaksource/Monticello I'm currently able to have a web based
Smalltalk browser. So I dont have to fire up an image to 
digg into other peoples code.

I expect that could be done with Git hosted projects too - but 
requires some work and another server providing the ST-IDE like
So the "Smalltalk like user experience" is not available out of the
box on the usual hosting services. This is a small step backward.

One thing is a must: the usual handling of code should be
preserved. As far as I understand this is the case even
with an GIT-based MC!?

Some questions:

 1. Usually Git requires a local git installation.
    Is the Git-MC binding a pure ST solution
    working on all platforms or does it require some native 
 2. Can I setup an own local repo in a simple directory similar
    to Monticello or will it require some github stuff.
 3. Will the local package cache still contain MCZ's?

On the other hand hosting on file based versioning systems
would make source code indexable for search engines and
could raise Smalltalks place in the (stupid) TIOBE index ;)

I could imagine both: file based repos (Git) as well as 
ST-only solutions as long as they work and reliable.
At the end of the day it's nothing more than a different 
representation of code.

An ST-only server side solution would at least allow for 
easy customization and allow the community to adapt the hosting
to its needs. 


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