[Pharo-project] renggli mirror created on smalltalkhub

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Wed Jul 4 07:50:42 EDT 2012

I am using Mercurial for all of the other projects and technologies.

With a full copy of everything locally, it helps indeed when we get

But GIT/Hg isn't giving you the change sorter.

2012/7/4 Camillo Bruni <camillobruni at gmail.com>

> ++++++++++++++++++
> Or like any other service that is also used by non smalltalkers!
> It's incredible how much effort goes into improving something like
> Monticello, where there are stable wide spread solutions out there
> that work since years.
> - We have an alpha implementation of FS-Git
> - We have a quite stable implementation of Filetree
> - We have a quite stable implementation of Cypress
> I really like Smalltalkhub, but if we could focus such an effort on
> these 3 tools here, we can have a nice solution that outperforms
> MC in **EVERY** aspect.
> I do not have much time on my side right now, but I am working towards
> a fully git based solution in pharo, and everybody else should too.
> cami

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