[Pharo-project] MongoTalk issue

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 10:25:43 EDT 2012

On 1 July 2012 15:10, Esteban Lorenzano <estebanlm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok... this is the problem: I have a customer who likes to add stupid unicode to his strings (like strange open-close colons, not the regulars).
> And of course, the BSON driver does not handle them well... in fact, it persist them well, but when customer tries to read it, it throws and error (Invalid type).
> So... I started to investigate and I figured out that problem is that when the answered string is a widestring, size readed and size expected can be different (depending on the amount of 2+ bytes characters on the unicode string).
> After some tries, I come this incredibly ugly hack that works:
> BSON>>nextSizedString
>         | size result |
>         size := stream nextUInt32.
>         result  := stream nextString.
>         result isWideString ifTrue: [
>                 stream skip: (size - (result
>                         collect: [ :each | each asString asByteArray size ]
>                         as: OrderedCollection) sum) - 2 ].
>         ^result
> LittleEndianStream>>skip: aNumber
>         stream skip: aNumber
> as you can see... It "calculates" the real consumed bytes (which is strangely less than declared size) and skips to its real position minus 2.
> This works, at least in the examples I have at my hand...
> now... my questions:
> - I'm sure it has to be a better way to calculate the difference, but I didn't find a good one.
> - why that "- 2"?????? WTF... what does that means????
> - can someone confirm that the fix works? (I have "production issues", I need something that works as fast as I can)

maybe its BOM (byte order mark) character?
what unicode encoding used on server? utf-8 i guess?

> Thanks,
> Esteban

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko.

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