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Alain Plantec alain.plantec at yahoo.com
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Also look at dialog examples (UITheme class side)

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>Hi Esteban, 
>As an entry point, you have PluggableTextFieldMorph. 
>You can build one with 
>UITheme class >> newTextEntryIn: aThemedMorph for: aModel get: getSel 
set: setSel class: aClass getEnabled: enabledSel help: helpText 
>see the 'class:' argument. As an example, if you pass Integer, then a 
specific converter is used so that you can only enter a valid integer. 
>AFAIK, so far we have converters for String and Number. 
>To implement new converters (to and from Date as an example), dig into 
>PluggableTextFieldMorph>>convertTo: aClass 
>    "Set the converter object class." 
>    self converter isNil 
>        ifTrue: [self converter: (ObjectStringConverter forClass: aClass)] 
>        ifFalse: [self converter objectClass: aClass] 
>and indeed, it would be could to integrate new converters. 
>See SetingDeclaration>>inputWidgetForString as an client example. 
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