[Pharo-project] Is RPackage dead?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Oct 31 07:14:39 EDT 2011

>> give me a strong reason why i can't have it, and why i have to waste
>> my time with package management, if all i need is single package?
> So now I think you are looking at the problem in a strange way. You seem to argue that we should optimize the system around toy examples. Almost anything meaningful requires more than that. Let's optimize around what matters.
> And regarding wasting time, you will waste much less than now at the moment when Monticello will become transparent as well. In other words, you will simply stay in your code browser and load and publish from there. No mess, no fuss. But to get there easily, we need this 1-to-1 between what is publishable and what is in the image.

Yes I would like to simply see packages in any browser. 
I agree with that :)

And igor I added tags to packages:
so any class of a package can be associated with any number of tags.

so tools can display

			Class B
			Class A (yes)
			Class C
but this tagging has nothing to do with package identification.

> Perhaps where you will need some attention is loading order, but when Metacello will get a better integration, many things will be possible. But, we need a stable and simple base.

Doru I think that I will continue like we got it.
I will work on making sure that we can remove PackageInfo in 1.5 (i.e. controlling the logic and moving it inside, deprecating as much as possible from the interface)
same for PackageOrganizer. 


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