[Pharo-project] Can this be improved in Glamourous?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Oct 16 16:57:12 EDT 2011

People should tell me what is not working because do me it is working. I spent time merging your changes and 
updating the configurationOfRefactoringBrowser.

> There is kind of a mess for 1.3:
> There are various ambiguous versions of OB, Shout and eCompletion
> floating around that break some parts of the system, because of the
> text editor changes.
> Also there are also various versions of RB that do not work in 1.3,
> because of the changes in 1.4.

My version does not load the change in 1.4.

> I've been building 1.3 images for a while, so you "just" have to take
> the same versions to get a working image.

> This seems to be the case for AST and Refactoring that were posted above.


For me I want a configurationOfXXX working. the one I did is working
or people should tell me why it is not.


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