[Pharo-project] TWM doesn't work without keymappins and keymappings doesn't work

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 02:05:06 EDT 2011

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 9:47 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck <
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> Hi guys. I was trying to use TWM in Pharo 1.3 release. TWM brings with
> keymappings, which breaks the shortcuts of my image.

The main problem here is that it's not integrated with current tools (i.e.
OB).  If you just load Keymapping you will have an image where:
- lots of shortcuts are hardcoded
- some shortcuts like OB's are handled with it's own and specific

Having keymapping living with those, introduces a third way of handling
shortcuts (yeap, it's not good enough, but It's not easy to remove all the
old code in a row ).  So, the following problems happens:

- first of all, there are shortcuts collisions.  If a morph handles *cmd + a
* and its owner handles *cmd + a, cmd + b*, the owner morph will never
handle the shortcut because it was handled by it's child first.
- second.  It's hard to keep track and find every hardcoded shortcut :).
And furthermore,  this leads in the fact that I cannot easily analyse
shortcuts collisions between keymapping and hardcoded shortcuts.

So, how does Keymapping live with that by now?
1) a keyEvent reaches a morph
2) the morph delegates the handling in keymapping (bubbling until the world
3) if keymapping does not handle the shortcut, It is delegated to the
old-hardcoded shortcuts (so the original behavior is still there yet)

All this is just to understand what is happening and where the errors come
from :P

For example, after installing keymappings I cannot close windows anymore
> with cmd + w  or I cannot run tests from the browser using cmd + t.

So far, I've found those two collisions in keymapping 1.9 and one more in

1) Cmd+w was defined for TextEditor for delete backword.

Esteban already complained about this, so I've changed it in 2.0 for *Cmd +
This shortcut was taken from SimpleEditor, in *#initializeCmdKeyShortcuts*.
I don't know if it should be there or not.

 2) Cmd+t from omnibrowser was colliding with some global shortcuts I
defined in the initial versions of keymapping to play opening a test runner,
a browser, a monticello browser.

I've fixed it removing the global shortcuts by now (because I'm not conviced
the key combinations are nice).

3) When loading TWM + Keymapping, I realized the *cmd+w* was not working
again.  Wandering, I found that the TWM shortcuts were defined for a lot of
morphs, in this way, causing a little of trouble:

    {PasteUpMorph. SystemWindow. SmalltalkEditor. TextEditor.
PluggableTextMorph} do: [:aClass|
            attachShortcutCategory: self shortcutCategory
            to: aClass.

But replacing it by

            attachShortcutCategory: self shortcutCategory
            to: PasteUpMorph.

should be working the same way :/.
Laurent, did you have any problems when not attaching the categories in this

Also: TWM by default has a lot of *(cmd+w, ...)* mappings colliding with the
window *cmd+w* shortcut.  So the window shortcut or the TWM ones are to be
sacrificed :P.

So i installed TWM without keybinding but now I cannot open the settings
> window because keymappings is not load.
> Any solution? (install TWM without keymappings or fixing keymappings)

I've done some fixes and improvements to keymapping, and I've created a 2.0
version where:

- the collisions below are fixed
- keymaps can be configured per morph instance too (not only per class, as
the former version)
- some little improvements and code cleaning

But those things I remarked of TWM should be reviewed :)

Or you can Use twm without keymappings and I'll have no more feedback :(

> thanks!

Thank you :)

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