[Pharo-project] Silly Tweet

Dave Mason dmason at mason-rose.ca
Thu Jun 30 07:42:15 EDT 2011

It has been suggested that package maintainers should run their own CI  
server to track changes of their package on older images.  That seems  
eminently reasonable.

What would be hugely helpful for that would be a script or tar-file  
downloadable from the Pharo CI server for each image version  
(historical and current) that one (such as me) could download and get  
running with minimal information about the arcane knowledge required  
for configuring Hudson/Jenkins.  Then I could easily track my  
package's compatibility with legacy images and decide when I am  
willing to break with e.g. 1.1 compatibility for my package.

I know this would take a chunk of time for somebody, but I suggest it  
would be time well spent because it lets the main CI server  
concentrate on the current version, but supports package maintainers  
moving forward with their packages.


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