[Pharo-project] Cuis 3.3

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sat Jun 4 17:09:11 EDT 2011

Hi guys

Some items would be good to have in pharo like the event cleaning... to bad that we cannot collaborate more
but this is like that. 


New in Cuis 3.3
    * New nice Icon set from Tango (Casey)
        - Most menu options have now a nice icon
    * ContentPack - A clean solution for a problem Squeak had for over a 
decade! (Casey)
        - Manages internal/external resources
        - Allows import / export to enable use of use existing stuff and 
external tools
        - Does not depend on external files for image update
        - Updates done with code (enabling change sets of Monticello 
        - Avoids cruft accumulation, code for resources is removed after 
    * Taskbar for better access to minimized windows (Casey)
    * Multiple selection on text morphs (Thanks Bernhard Pieber and 
Software Generation!)
        - Use ctrl + mouse for multiple selection
        - Do 'Preferences disable: #commandClickOpensHalo' to enable the 
standard Mac gesture for multi-selection (command + mouse)
        - Enhanced senders view: all occurrences of sent message are 
    * Cosmetic tweaks in menus and Themes
    * NewTranscript fixes and enhancements (right click menu)
    * New hierarchy of Morphic Windows for tools, builds and handles UI 
and menus; handles keystrokes
        - View / Model separation is now complete
        - Models are now GUI agnostic: they have 25% less methods and no 
references to Morphs
        - Eases having alternate GUI frameworks such as Morphic 3, or 
adapted versions of MVC, Tweak or EToys
    * Object level events cleanup
        - Gone is Model and the DependentsFields classVar in Object
        - Only object event system mechanism is #when:send:to:
    * Deep Models cleanup
    * Big cleanup of copy and friends.
        - #deepCopy eliminated
        - #veryDeepCopy, DeepCopier, #veryDeepInner:, 
#veryDeepFixupWith: eliminated.
        - Use of ReferenceStream for copying object graphs such as Morphs
        - Clients don't need to know object internals to get a good copy
        - copying details in most classes greatly simplified
    * Editor tweaks and enhancements. Code simplification, removed 
several ivars
    * New image shrinking tools: #reduceCuis for building reduced images
    * Support for gigabyte changes and sources files
         - not activated by default, as it needs new Sources file, i.e. 
major version number change
         - Easy to activate if you need it
    * BlockClosure>>#isClean, BlockClosure serialization (for clean 
blocks), enabling use of ReferenceStream for copying objects
    * Many minor Morphic fixes
    * Morphic cleanup. Morph selectors size reduced by 17%, several 
ivars removed, code simplified.
    * Cleanup in Object and other basic classes. Object selectos size 
reduced by 10%
    * FileList refactor

As usual, comments, discussion, bug reports, kudos and donations are all 


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