[Pharo-project] InputEventFetcher starving all other processes

Stefan Marr pharo at stefan-marr.de
Sun Oct 31 14:15:00 EDT 2010


On 31 Oct 2010, at 17:32, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> mike rueger changes the poll behavior of the sensor.
> The idea is to get rid of polling.
Well, I have not identified the source of the problem yet.

But the symptoms are that InputEventFetcher>>primGetNextEvent: delivers 500-1000x more events than EventSensor>>primGetNextEvent: in MVC or Squeak 4.1 images deliver.

Could there be something else in PharoCore which interacts with the VM in unexpected ways?
In case that is relevant, the RoarVM uses X11 for the interface. (-headless has the same issues) 


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