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Hi, I just wanted to let the maintainers of OmniBrowser know, there is
a bug with this method.

The method reflects on its class and performs all that begin with
#populate.  However, it is not unusual to expect that someone's
application might have a selector that also begins with the word
'populate'.  And so those selectors would be performed as well.

This is why, for cases like this, it is better for a tool, which is
just a means, not an end, to be polite with the namespace; such as
checking for 'obPopulate' perhaps rather than simply 'populate'.

But that's just a mini-rant, not even the bug.  The bug is, my
'populate' is not a unary message, so I get a failure on the perform,
"incorrect number of arguments."

I therefore always change the method to:

OBMetagraphBuilder >> execute
       ((self class allSelectors select: [:ea | (ea beginsWith: 'populate')
and: [ ea isUnary ]]) asSortedArray)
               do: [:selector | self perform: selector].
       ^ self root

Thank you,
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