[Pharo-project] Complete an Array

Simon De Baets debaetssimon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 08:50:56 EDT 2010


I use Pharo 1.1 .  I want to add a new element in an array that have a part
of nil element. I want to add this new element on the first nil case. I
produce this code

|test isFact|

test := Array new:5.
isFact := False.
test doWithIndex:[ :each :i | ((each isNil) & (isFact = False))
         test at:i put:'plain'; isFact := True

But it doesn't function because they are two instruction in the ifTrue
bolck. So my question is : "How can i put two instructions in an ifTrue


Simon De Baets,
Etudiant en MA1 informatique à l'ULB
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