[Pharo-project] Best way for embed a file on Smalltalk image method

nullPointer epicfan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 07:06:33 EDT 2010


I´m doing a class for embed files in class methods. I want know if exists a
best way for do that task than I´m using... I do something like that...

	   codeSource := CLStringBuilder new.
		codeSource appendLine: nameOfResource; tab;
					appendFormat: '^''{1}'' -> ''' withValues: {fileName}.
		readStream := FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: aFilePath.
		base64Contents := (Base64MimeConverter mimeEncode: readStream binary)
		codeSource append: base64Contents asString.
		codeSource append:''''.
		CLSystem createMessageInClass: self 
			withCodeSource: (codeSource asString) 
			inProtocol: 'resources'  
			inClassSide: true.

I get the next result:


	^'Courier New Bold.ttf' ->
.......... '.

Exists a enhanced way for do that? My main problem is the image grow very
much. When I export to Monticello I get a file of 900 KB. When embed a file
of 600KB the final size on Monticello file is 2MB!! and almost 4MB of
difference in size of image  :(

Many thanks for the help

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