[Pharo-project] MicroSqueak Was: Re: [update 1.2] #12188

Miguel Cobá miguel.coba at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 11:22:32 EDT 2010

El lun, 11-10-2010 a las 10:56 +0200, Stéphane Ducasse escribió:
> 12188
> -----
> - Issue 3086:	MCMethodDefinition>>shutdown hack to avoid lock down.
> - Issue 2875:	PharoKernel Part 11. Thanks Pavel Krivanek and Nicolas Paes

Now that John Maloney has released MicroSqueak as MIT
(http://web.media.mit.edu/~jmaloney/microsqueak/) shouldn't be worth to
analize it and see if that can be used as an alternative to build the
Pharo Kernel.

I know that Pavel (and now also Nicolas) have done a lot of work in
getting PharoCore stripped to a minimal kernel.
But as I understand, PharoKernel idea is to part from a core image,
reorganize packages, _unload_ what isn't needed and then shrink the
image to get a kernel image.

The approach of John Maloney's MicroSqueak is the inverse, parting from
a source code representation and from there to aggregate code until have
a full image.

Of course the image from John hasn't all the improvements that Squeak
and Pharo have made to the core classes and that will mean a lot of
effort to reapply in order to get a modern image.

But I wonder, and not meaning to discourage any possibility, if isn't
worth to discuss the technical effort required and the pros/cons of each
approach and if isn't possible a reutilization of knowledge for this
very wanted goal of Pharo.


Miguel Cobá

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