[Pharo-project] Xtreams port to Squeak - second wave

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Sun Oct 10 22:45:16 EDT 2010

On Sun, 10 Oct 2010, Nicolas Cellier wrote:

> Hi again,
> I now have ported two more packages
> - Xtreams-Transforms
> - Xtreams-Substreams
> and their tests
> I did not have any portability problem with those...
> But that's because I did not handle the Character encoder/decoder.
> Consequently, I have 8 tests failing (the Base64 related tests)
> Plus 4 other tests failing because of my poor implementation of
> #after:do: (forking processes in a SUnit TestCase can't be that
> obvious).

I added Number >> #milliseconds to Xtreams-VWCompatible, because Squeak 
has #milliSeconds for some reason and the tests use #milliseconds

I also uploaded a new version of Xtreams-CoreTests which doesn't use
#after:do:. This change may use Squeak specific stuff, revert it if you 
don't like it. All tests (except for the base64 related) are passing 
reliably, no more random failures.


> Now, the easy part of the port (copy/paste) is almost ended.
> Once we manage a compatible way to handle pragmas, PEG Parser should
> port quite easily too.
> Then, the harder work begins:
> - File/Socket/Pipe
> - Pointers (in External Heap)
> - Character encoding/decoding
> - Compression/Decompression
> If you think you can help in any of these, please tell.
> Nicolas
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