[Pharo-project] Cmd-t in OB?

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Fri Oct 8 13:19:02 EDT 2010

On 10/08/2010 08:26 AM, Alexandre Bergel wrote:
>> There is a long thread in the metacello mailing list where those topics
>> are being discussed and Dale is right now working in the new code to
>> support them. So if you want to be heard please propose those guidelines
>> there so they are taken in account.
> Yep, I know the value of a mailing list for a community. However, I simply cannot afford to spend hours reading all (very long) the emails on that topic. Once a Pharo community will be bootstrapped in Chile, then I will be more able to participate on topics that do not directly matter for the university, my employer.
> Writing a six-lines email is as valuable as writing a method of six-line of code, at least to me :-)
> Cheers,
> Alexandre


Understood, that is why the discussion is taking place on the Metacello 
list ... There are actually a number of issues that are being addressed 
by a small set of concepts so a number of us are working through the 
issues trying to iron out the details ...

The actual implementation is not that complicated, but we are making 
significant additions to the conceptual model so we are taking care (the 
devil is in the details).

In the end you will see something like the following announced as the 
model for loading projects:

    Gofer project loadStable: 'OB'.
    Gofer project loadDevelopment: 'OB'.
    Gofer project loadStable: 'OB' group: #( 'Tests' 'Javascript').
    Gofer project loadBleedingEdge: 'OB'.
    Gofer project load: 'OB' version: '1.1.4'.

along with documentation for specifying the #stableVersion, 
#developmentVersion and #bleedingEdgeVersion.

I think that Mariano and I fully expect to make a pass on the majority 
of configurations in the MetacelloRepository to update the configs to 
match the expectations and provide examples.


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