[Pharo-project] Cmd-t in OB?

Alexandre Bergel alexandre at bergel.eu
Fri Oct 8 11:26:37 EDT 2010

> There is a long thread in the metacello mailing list where those topics
> are being discussed and Dale is right now working in the new code to
> support them. So if you want to be heard please propose those guidelines
> there so they are taken in account.

Yep, I know the value of a mailing list for a community. However, I simply cannot afford to spend hours reading all (very long) the emails on that topic. Once a Pharo community will be bootstrapped in Chile, then I will be more able to participate on topics that do not directly matter for the university, my employer.

Writing a six-lines email is as valuable as writing a method of six-line of code, at least to me :-)

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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