[Pharo-project] Cmd-t in OB?

Alexandre Bergel alexandre at bergel.eu
Fri Oct 8 09:56:11 EDT 2010

>   ConfigurationOfOmnibrowser project load@*%$LatestCode

better in my opinion: ConfigurationOfOmnibrowser loadLastVersion

As a metathough, I think we need a unification of how Configuration are defined and used.
We have loadDefault in Moose. I often do a ConfigurationOfXX project lastVersion load. You can directly load the baseline. I know this has been discussed many times. But we really need to come up with a simple and efficient way to use configuration. 

I would also like to have ConfigurationOfXX forEachVersionsLoadAndDo: [:v | ... ], versionsSelect: [:v | ... ], ...


Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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