[Pharo-project] UUID and Cog?

Philippe Marschall kustos at gmx.net
Tue Oct 5 11:22:01 EDT 2010

On 05.10.2010 16:41, David T. Lewis wrote:
> If anyone has any specific information as to the root cause of the libuuid
> bug, I'd appreciate if you can update the bug report here:
>   http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7358
> I had previously tried to summarize as follows:
>> The bug exists in some versions of libuuid on some Linux distributions.
>> The workaround is to compile the plugin internal. The latest versions
>> of Unix VM have the plugin compiled internally, although some users may
>> still experience problems if they have a leftover external plugin from
>> a prior installation.
> But it's not clear if this is accurate given the recent reports here.
> In particular, if a precompiled Cog VM with the UUID plugin compiled
> internally leads to a crash, then the above is not a sufficient
> workaround (at least not on Cog).
> If we are seeing crashes on Cog with an internal UUID plugin, but
> not on the traditional VM with an internal UUID plugin, then I think
> I smell a pthread related issue.

How can I find out whether the plugin is compiled internally or not?

What I see in the console is the following:

Segmentation fault

Smalltalk stack dump:
0xff79f344 M UUID>initialize -1045926312: a(n) UUID
0xff79f35c M UUID class(Behavior)>new: -1246728604: a(n) UUID class
0xff79f380 I UUID class>new -1246728604: a(n) UUID class


Most recent primitives

Is there a way to provide more information?


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