[Pharo-project] Wrong fix: Issue 2947: SmalltalkEditor doesn't handle ESC key.

Fernando olivero fernando.olivero at usi.ch
Mon Oct 4 10:40:41 EDT 2010

I argue that this fix is wrong, giving the morph logic to the Editor instead of the View ( the morph).
this conceptual problem, leads to having to ask for the Global ActiveEvent in the Editor>>offerMenuFromEsc:.

If you take a look at the already present method, which should be the one to be used.

	"The message is sent when the user hits esc"
	self announceEscape

Which allows the Morph to take care of the view related behavior.

So i propose reverting to this behavior:

	self morph escapePressed .
	^ false  

Then adding
	self yellowButtonActivity: false.
	self editView yellowButtonActivity: false  . 

Given that TextMorphForEditView is the only implementor of #editView, and following the logic in 
    TextEditor>>offerMenuFromEsc: aKeyboardEvent
The attached change set implements the fixes.
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