[Pharo-project] GoferApiTest failing (WinXP)

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 03:33:05 EST 2010

On 14 February 2010 09:26, Ch Lamprecht <ch.l.ngre at online.de> wrote:
> Lukas Renggli schrieb:
>>> running the tests in latest images PharoCore-1.1 and 1.0 on WinXP I see
>>> GoferApiTest>>#testSubDirectoryRepository failing.
>> Are you sure that you use the latest Gofer code, because I think I
>> fixed that a while back.
> I just ran the tests that come with
> PharoCore-1.0-10508
> PharoCore-1.1-11196
> using the image as it is.
> I updated to Gofer-Tests lr.115 and now I see, that #testSubDirectoryRepository
> has been removed in that version...
>>> It could be fixed by changing
>>> MCSubDirectoryRepository>>#description
>>> +       ^ directory pathName, FileDirectory slash , '*'
>>> -       ^ directory pathName, '/*'
>>> The current implementation works because '/' and '\' both are valid path
>>> separators on windows. Assuming '/' as path delimiter would cause trouble with
>>> MacFileDirectory - but that might be obsolete anyway.
>>> So may be the test is too strict?
>> I bet that breaks the tests on all platforms other than Windows.
> Why do you think so? Is 'FileDirectory slash' broken on platforms other than
> Windows?

All code that uses FileDirectory is full of these kind of bugs.
Working with paths and file-names on the bases of strings is never
really platform independent. Pharo should move on and adopt


Lukas Renggli

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